Involved in a Car Accident?

Have you been involved in any type of accident?

Things to keep in mind if you are in a CAR or MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT:

  1. After the collision occurs, every person involved is in shock and working off adrenaline. Do your very best to assess your injuries and those of your passengers.
  2. If your vehicle is not in a dangerous location, you should leave your car or motorcycle right where the impact took place until the police arrive. However, if you are in immediate danger and you are able to move your vehicle or motorcycle to a safe location, then move to safety.
  3. Call 911.
  4. If possible, record the other driver’s license plate number and even if your initial assessment is that there are minimal injuries, it is best to wait for the police to arrive so there is a documented police report.
  5. If you are in a situation where you have moved your vehicles and you are waiting for the police to arrive in a safe location, you can exchange insurance information with the other person or persons involved in the crash.
  6. Considering we all tend to have mobile phones, we suggest taking pictures of the area where the accident occurred; the exterior and interior of the vehicles and/or motorcycle and/or bicycles involved in the collision; any debris in the roadway.
  7. If there are witnesses to the accident, ask if they will provide you with their contact information.
  8. If you go to the hospital and you have insurance, provide this information to the providers. Florida is a No-Fault state which means every driver should have PIP–Personal Injury Protection coverage of at least $10,000.00. There are several limits in the current PIP laws which may include in certain cases only being eligible for $2,500.00 of your PIP coverage. Furthermore, if you do not receive medical care within 14 days of the accident, YOU may lose all of your rights to PIP benefits. In either event, it is important that you speak to an attorney as soon as possible to evaluate the facts surrounding your injuries and how to proceed with the insurance companies. At HLH law group WE will make sure to exhaust all possible avenues of coverage available, so you can concentrate on getting the medical treatment YOU need to get better.
  9. It is important to remember that Insurance Companies, whether your own or the other driver’s, are operating a business. As a result, the insurance companies ‘bottom line’ is their number one priority. HLH Law Group IS ALL ABOUT YOU! Making sure that you get the care and attention you need after being injured is our number one priority. We are here to help YOU, because when you are involved in any type of accident, our number one concern is YOU.